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Brazilian, living in the UK, she is dedicated to teaching women how to break the cycle of diets, make peace with food, feel good in their bodies and in control of their own lives.

Food engineer, postgraduate in Food, Nutrition and Health, Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and Health Coach.


In five years of experience, I've seen many women trapped in a cycle of food restriction, social deprivation, overeating, frustration, guilt, and body shame.


And not by chance: according to surveys, up to 50 percent of women in the world are following a restrictive diet to lose weight. The problem? Diets don't work!


That's why I decided to take on the challenge of helping women break free of the diet mentality, respect their bodies, and feel more confident about themselves. There is a lot of life beyond diets and the pursuit for the "perfect" body.

Tropical Fruits

Tackling the all or nothing diet mentality and promoting a healthy intuitive way of eating. 


I was a very skinny and active child and eating was definitely not my thing. But as I grew up, the environment and society began to influence my eating habits: I started to share meals with friends, go to restaurants, cultivate the love for sweets, and somehow eating large portions of food till feeling stuffed seemed the right thing to do. But it was only when I had my first experience living abroad that I found in food a way to cope with emotions (loads involved in this case). Didn't take long for me to put on weight, get ashamed of my body and fall in the diet trap. There I was, exactly on the vicious cycle of restricting, losing weight, feeling deprived, craving the forbidden foods, bingeing and putting the weight back on.

I was feeling an absolute failure, I knew dieting was not the solution and I had to find a way out of that situation. So I began my own journey of self-discovery and acceptance while studying to have the science-based knowledge to help others. And here I am now: recovered from my emotional eating, reconnected with my body and ready to help you on your path to food freedom.



My project started from the need I saw for helping women live differently. For many women, going on a diet is something intrinsic to the female world, having gone on their first diet in childhood or adolescence. It only takes two minutes in a circle of women for the subject of beauty, body, and self-esteem to come up, as well as a discussion about the best diet at the time. From time to time, I started to hear the phrase "it's not for beauty, it's for health". And so women are losing their health precisely by trying to fit into the now-disguised standard of beauty. There is a system called DIET CULTURE, which is a set of beliefs that value a thin body at any cost. This system is also willing to create and proliferate misconceptions about food and change aesthetic standards frequently so that they are never reached by the majority of the female population. And so, the quest for the perfect body never ends. Who wins? The billion-dollar diet industry. To help end this suffering faced by women, I created this project. Combining qualified nutritional counselling, the intuitive eating approach, and coaching techniques, I teach women how to overcome the frustration of the never-ending cycle of dieting, deal with their emotions without resorting to food, take control of their food choices, respect their bodies, and have more confidence in themselves.

Yoga Practice

I believe every woman deserve the freedom of trusting her feelings, eating without rules and respecting her body.

If you are interested in changing your eating habits, ditching diets for good, learning to listen to your body cues and reclaiming the satisfaction of eating the foods you love without blaming yourself, click the button below to check how I can help you.

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